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How the USA became an Empire after World War II

American Empire post WW2

The USA used many tactics and strategies to become an empire after WW2 that China is using today. The country remained dominant in global markets by investing in its people and maintaining a strong economy. The USA must continue to invest in its people because it allows people to improve their quality of life. It […]

Business Development US: online casinos, exports & healthcare

US Casino Gambling

The US is developing in many areas of business which in turn has an impact on the general wealth and economic policies of the New American Empire. Here we shall touch briefly on 10 important areas of business development and growth in the US. 1. The rise of online casino regulation Online casino regulation affects […]

The New American Empire

US empire

You’re reading a blog about US economics, world economy, Foreign Policy, America’s military strategy, and foreign policy. The United States is one of the richest countries in world history, with more billionaires than any other country. The US has a high standard of living because of its economic system and hard-working citizens. This blog includes […]

How To Measure Economic Growth

economic growth usa

The economic policies of employment can promote economic growth, which is when an economy is growing in output, consumption, and investment. If there is no growth in the economy, companies show a paper profit. Still, there are no actual profits to distribute to shareholders because everyone else has a lower income. Economic growth is measured […]