The New American Empire

US empire

You’re reading a blog about US economics, world economy, Foreign Policy, America’s military strategy, and foreign policy. The United States is one of the richest countries in world history, with more billionaires than any other country. The US has a high standard of living because of its economic system and hard-working citizens.

This blog includes information about the economic differences between the USA and other developed countries. The US economic system isn’t the same as other countries. Although the USA is an economic superpower, comparing the US to countries like China doesn’t make sense. The analysis and information in this blog are interesting and useful, but some of the information may be wrong. It will give an overview of situations and problems in economics, but it isn’t a complete course in economics. The author won’t discuss every problem in US economics and will only give brief explanations of each issue. Feel free to question, challenge and do your own research!

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