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Reflections on President-elect Trump.

Posted, Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 11:42 am


Think before you act.” This was a maxim that was taught to Donald Trump as a young man. The maxim advised, which he well understood, that he should look deeply upon the matter and think it over then act. He grew more and more confident as he followed what he was taught. Then as he grew older and very confident, having utilized the maxim much to his advantage over much of his life, he eventually came up with one of his own:-

“Grab them by the P…”

Donald Trump 


Stopped watching soap-operas

Many months ago when I first saw Donald Trump as the Republican nominee during and after his debates, I concluded that I had now found the absolute substitute and elixir transforming soap-operas into supreme entertainment. It was ‘The Donald’ or what I started terming to my friends “getting my daily dose of Trump”.


Well, I was wrong, as was the New Yorker magazine in its mocking, and other publications having portrayed Trump as just a clown to be humored:-

“New York Daily News calls Donald Trump a ‘Dead clown walking’.“

As did the pollsters; as did just about all the experienced political pundits in America, they too got it totally wrong. They fooled me too and they (we) all got it wrong.


Watching the world

George Bush Jr. was a horrible President who was seen as a buffoon and his ventured into Iraq added trillions to America’s debt while destroying what otherwise, post-sanctions, would have remained a cohesive country under Saddam Hussein. Thus, Barack Obama was perceived as a real choice for change and America and the world really hoped for that.

Barack Obama’s election was perceived by the American people as different, to say the least, and seen by progressives as a signal to the world that on the basis of ‘identity politics’ America could move forward from its history of oppression and discrimination. The real disappointment with Obama – or – rather the reason for the disappointment is that most persons, at least initially, did not understand that Obama was bought and paid for by Wall Street.


WikiLeaks documents confirm that almost all of the cabinet and senior persons were named by Goldman Sachs and save one, those so chosen were appointed. On that basis, without a doubt, one must conclude that American democracy undeniably proved to be the best that money can buy. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State sought ‘regime change’ in Libya, which sensibly, having seen the disaster created in Iraq, Obama initially opposed, but Hillary’s persistence gave her, her war, destruction of Africa’s wealthiest country and a ground base for the funding, training and advance of ISIS into Syria to fight yet another disastrous war for ‘regime change’ in Syria.

Enter President Donald Trump, notwithstanding his openly expressed racism and disrespect for women, one wonders not so much whether he will be inclusive, but at least two simple observations can be made.


1-On domestic policy, he seems to be in more of a Reagan Republican than anything else. He believes in tax cuts for the rich and trickle down economics. The definition of a ‘mad man’ comes to mind – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results. The rich and super-rich do not invest and expand their businesses with tax cuts. They buy, as under Reagan, more luxury goods, more Lexuses, Benzes, yachts and the like. The concomitant economic impact is a short to medium term spending propelled spike in the economy and a long-term ballooning of the national debt as tax inputs decline. Replacement of ‘Obamacare’ begs the question – with what?- if affordable health care is not deemed to be a desirable public policy objective in the world’s wealthiest country.

2-Trump’s foreign policy, from his utterances sounds to be isolationist. Build a wall with Mexico funding it; frack for US oil (presumably without fully understanding the environmental fall out and dangers to the water supply and by extension human health – just save costs and public expenditures - as with Michigan’s water supply – and suffer the same consequences).

On the positive side (unlike Hillary) he wants, judging by his utterances, a reconfigured relationship with Russia. Hillary spoke of first strike and use of nuclear weapons (needs to have her head examined on that one). At least if President Trump opens constructive dialogue on relations with Russia, Syria and the broad-based manifest human disasters and tragedies inflicted by US foreign policy in the Middle East – he may have something constructive and promising to contribute here. But, having read and listened to those who are far more knowledgeable about world affairs than I am – I still have my doubts.


Back to the domestic issues, which also feed into foreign policy matters and the final question coming to mind is – will a Trump Presidency permit the US justice system to work all the way through to a proper investigation into the email scandal (i.e. the knowing use of multiple unsecured servers and thus contravening the same Espionage Act for which Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are under either conviction or pending indictment; then lying to Congress; not to mention the criminality, bribery and ‘pay to play’ manifest corruption in the Clinton Foundation dealings) - read up on these events and then listen to the video HERE.



A Trump Presidency is unlikely to be different from any of the others going all the way back to the immediate Post World War 11 to the election of Truman and of General Dwight Eisenhower. It is the same game, different day:-

A. Tell the electorate what they want to hear before the election.

B. Switch course once elected and let sensible senior persons in government advise on what is best to be done (whether good advice is taken or not is another matter).

C. Then being a ladies man – unlike Bill Clinton who got caught in the ‘oral room’ we can this time around be assured that a President Trump might just take his own advice and instead just “Grab them by the P…..”

What President Trump will actually do once he is inaugurated? Only his hair dresser knows for sure!





Let us Pray!

Posted, Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 1:17 pm


We need to pray for success for the future of us all!





Nothing to Celebrate About!

Posted, Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 1:27 pm


I see nothing to celebrate in the election of Trump.  This portends a right-wing counter revolution, based on racism and ignorance or 'whitelash' (as one commentator called it). A stupid 'whitelash' of white evangelical males (with their guns and their 'little women') that, as with other right wing movements we are seeing around the globe, threaten to take us all to a new 'Dark Age' from which, this time around, intelligence may not eventually re-emerge. Most of the time drastic change is disastrous, especially when it is based on ignorance of the real world and malevolence and vengeance, as this one promises to be.


Further, his election was won with National Enquirer-style smear tactics and innuendo — character assassination, in other words. I hope Hillary Clinton sues him for slander.


Yes, Hitler used the democratic system to gain power. And this counter-revolution looks to me like it is going down the same path.


To me the pathetic positive spin that the media (and even the Democrats) is putting on this is unwarranted. Americans are living in delusion. The real world, which is the Planet we live on, is being destroyed by the effects of climate change and environmental destruction.


Somehow this is immaterial to this bunch that plan to ignore it all and go on plundering and increasingly fighting with each other over the spoils until we no longer have a livable planet. Even the upper 1% will go down with the rest of us. They won't be able to create a safe haven on Mars or some other planet in time to avoid catastrophe. It won't be the first time a civilization has collapsed due to environmental breakdown, but this time we are global and it would take us all down together. Of course to the evangelicals this is just the fulfillment of the questionable 'apocalypse' prophecy, and they just KNOW that Jesus will come to rescue them.


I'd say any thinking person should be very afraid of where this, and other right-wing movements, are taking us. 



Answer by R.T.:


I personally do not rejoice in the U.S. Nov. 8 election outcome. I didn’t like either candidate chosen by the two main political parties. From my perspective, it was a contest between a psychopath (Hillary “He died’ Clinton) and a sociopath (Donald “You’re fired” Trump). It is always possible that Donald Trump will turn out to be a psychopath also, because the function of U.S. president seems to require that it be so.


If I had had to vote, I would have voted for Bernie Sanders. I do believe that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Donald Trump, but the Democrat Party’s establishment turned him down. They much preferred Hillary and Bill Clinton and their corrupt way to do politics.


As for now, I will wait until the dust settles down before making a more elaborate judgment on the Trump administration. I will especially wait to know who he chooses in his administration.


The main disadvantage arising from the Trump victory is the likelihood that he will pack the U.S. Supreme Court with the likes of Antonin Scalia, as he has said, especially now that Congress is also Republican.


The main disadvantage of Hillary Clinton’s election would have been a war between the U.S. and Russia since she wanted to do the same thing in Syria that she had done in Libya, i.e. impose a no-fly zone in that foreign country in which the U.S. has no right to be.


The American political system is broken if that is the only kind of politicians that it can present to the electorate to choose from. With the 2010 U.S. Supreme court corrupt decision in the Citizens United case, big money now runs everything. And everything else follows.




Unknown Agenda!

Posted, Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 2:20 pm


The Republican agenda is an unknown, to be sure.





Hope, but Skeptical!

Posted, Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 7:33 pm


Thank you for the article, which is a nice overview on the expectations & promises on the election trail. But after the Trump's meeting in Las Vegas with Sheldon Adelson, the owner of the Las Vegas Sands casino, he did turn on his path, and soon after, he announced that he will cancel the nuclear agreement with Iran. That does not look too promising. It is not a secret that a shadow government (hawks & neocons) holds sway over the Office of the President and on U.S. foreign policy. We have seen to where this could lead from the demise of JFK.


In the paper published by two Harvard professors (Mearsheimer/Walt) on the influence of the Israel lobby & US foreign Policy. This is quite clear. I would like to hope, as Dr. Tremblay pointed out, for a real change there, but I am a bit skeptical.




No. Everything is Not Fine!

Posted, Thursday, November 10, 2016, 1:49 am


No. Everything is not fine!

How can it be?

My country has just slapped me with a sad commentary on our values and I simply could not vote


What can I say!

If a neighborhood organizer helping poor people to organize, becomes a constitutional law professor, who should know 'due process' better than the back of his hand, can become a serial drone-killing nigger in the White House under the influence of racist war-mongering neocons, may be we can suffer through a racist, sexist, misogynist who can lie with such honesty!


I don't know if it will take Khadafy’s kids/relatives to avenge his murder and Chelsea Clinton is murdered with the murderer saying, "I came, I saw and she died"! that these gringo-Nazis will learn not to terrorize others on the Planet.

Or will Sasha and Malia Obama have to live in fear of retaliatory assassination because their father murdered Awlaki and his son and did so in a cowardly manner?


I have long maintained that NATO is obsolete and problem-causing and a threat to world peace, promoted by neocon warmongers who want to keep the Cold War alive for profit and domination.

Russia did put the Cold War into the freezer but the U.S. expanded it.


So, it will be a good thing if all of the participants who really feel threatened by Russia or China, (Iran?) including Canada, pay their fair share for their security and not live off the U.S. taxpayer.

But, why should Canadians pay when they well know that if Canada is ever threatened by Russia or China, the U.S. will simply move in as if it was U.S. territory without the consent of the Canadians!


But THERE IS NO THREAT! from anybody.

It is only in the imagination of the neocons.


And if Ukraine is an example, what has Russia done in Ukraine that we did not do in Hawaii?

(and tried to do to Canada on more than one occasion, i.e. take it over and annex it.)


This gringo-nazi gene in our DNA has to be excised!

Internationally, Trump can and may reduce tensions and save tax monies by not meddling in affairs of other countries, but the big elephant of a racist/Zionist/kosher-nazi Israel will continue to take a heavy toll of life and treasure of my fellow citizens.


Domestically, the wealth gap between the middle and poor classes and the rich will continue to get worse as started by Ronald (perfect vacuum) Reagan as basic services like education and health care will be based on ability to purchase.


It was free to-high-school education that made the U.S. a prosperous and successful country. But now, we are going backwards with privatized profit making businesses selling education and health care, with Hillary showing how to be a millionaire making speeches to Wall Street vultures.


The U.S. will survive and hopefully its self-sought leadership role will diminish for the good of the Planet





A Too Optimistic View?

Posted, Thursday, November 10, 2016, 10:35 am


This is a very optimistic view on Trump. If only Dr. Tremblay is half right. I doubt it!





The Malaise Economy Helped Trump.

Posted, Friday, November 11, 2016, 7:58 pm


During the primary, I was a Ted Cruz supporter. Simply because Donald Trump has not mentioned the Constitution. But at least, his VP pick Pence knows what it says and believes in it. The positive move today was to place VP-elect Pence to lead the transition team. 


I knew that if Trump kept on message he would win. The Democrat party was blamed for the malaise economy that was not recovering after 8 years. And no party has stayed in the White House with a malaise economy. Trump went off message trying to protect his ego. But WikiLeaks and Veritas video and the continuing stream of email and Clinton Foundation issues help keep corruption in front of the public. When the momentum moved in Trump's direction in the last week, I thought that would get him over the hump.


Obama is likely to give the Clinton immunity. That will have two results. Clinton's will be considered guilty for needing immunity. And Obama's legacy will also be tainted because the corruption occurred during and inside his administration. The Obama administration will be considered corrupt.


Campaign policies are not detailed enough to know how well Donald Trump is going to return to a Reaganist approach to governing or not. We shall have to see.


The real question that you have not asked is this one: Has the Republican party learn anything? Recall that President Ronald Reagan put the Republican Party and the Country on a new path. And the country embraced that path. Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter created a malaise economy similar to the one left by Barack Obama. Reagan's recovery was spectacular, setting standard well above any previous. Winning 49 States to obtain a second term is the clearest indicator of the country’s opinion. 


President George H. Bush took a different path and I think his people brought into the Reagan team corrupted it a little. This new path resulted in him loosing to presidency to Bill Clinton. Obviously, this was not a good decision. President George W. Bush picked up where his father left off with little better results but overall was just as big a failure. Both Bush presidents did not prevent the altering of the banking laws which led to the housing bubble by lending money to people that were high risks and then let the banks commit fraud by selling them mortgages without presenting the risks enclosed.


Dr. Tremblay has presented Trump's opinion on the decisions of the Bush presidencies. We clearly know that the Bush presidents also chose to abandon the successful Reagan path in foreign policy, as they did on economics and national policy. So this, in itself, is a good reason to think that Trump understood the poor decision coming from the Bush administrations.





The New Trump Team.

Posted, Saturday, November 12, 2016, 2:44 pm


Donald Trump’s team offers transition details (and jobs) on


"President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team is now part of the government, at least online, in the form of a website.


The website, registered through the General Services Administration, is a traditional element of the federally funded transition between administrations, carried out under the terms of the 2010 Pre-Election Presidential Transition Act., which is inspired by Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, made its public debut on Wednesday, a day after the election. But it was primed for action even before the outcome was known. On Sunday, for example, the website noted that 4,000 political appointees would be leaving to make room for the new administration.


“Finding qualified people to fill these jobs is an enormous undertaking, but it is critically important to making the federal government work effectively for the American public,” according to the posting, which mirrors a notice that was posted by the Center for Presidential Transition back in March."





We Wanted Change.

Posted, Saturday, November 12, 2016, 7:37 pm


I enjoyed the article about Hillary and this one about Trump. They summarize and document Hillary Clinton’s neocon position and the new Trump approach. Fortunately she lost, but the establishment and the neocons are not giving up. The media is still in their hands and they will be trying to make damage to Trump. I am not sure if he can do what he promised, especially on the economy, but at least we have a CHANGE!

I hope for the better.





Tax Breaks for the Rich?.

Posted, Saturday, November 12, 2016, 9:39 pm


What Trump wants about:

I’m going to get a nice tax break and Estate tax exemptions.

The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

That’s what will happen, as there is no equality for those under the rich groups.

That is why Trump will try to do that, for himself too, and that will kill America a little more, push it down under...!




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