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The central message of the book is that it is not necessary to be religious to act morally, and that on the contrary, when people are religious to the point of fanaticism, they become immoral.


This book provides a moral compass for anyone who seeks to follow its principles in order to think and act as a humanist. The author develops the idea that rational humanism provides an objective moral code,and offers reasons for behaving morally,within the global context of a shrinking world. Since our worldview affects how we interact with others,any moral code must be judged as to how its adherents treat other people and whether or not it improves people's lives. If the adherents treat others badly and their moral code reduces people's quality of life, it is a bad moral code;if the adherents treat others with dignity and respect and the code improves people's lives,it is a good code of ethics.


—This is the ultimate pragmatic test of reality and results.


Advance praise for
The Code for Global Ethics


“This book represents a valuable and indispensable guide through the complexity of modern life and moral issues facing us every day. It offers a natural and far superior alternative to traditional religious moralities.”
—Marian Hillar, MD, PhD, professor of philosophy and religious studies, director of the Center for Philosophy and Socinian Studies, and author of The Case of Michael Servetus(1511–1553) and Michael Servetus: Intellectual Giant, Humanist, and Martyr

Tremblay’s ten principles provide us with a rational jumping-off point toward a new society no longer exploited by the power elites of church, state, and business.”
—Victor J. Stenger, author of the New York Times bestseller God: The Failed Hypothesis

 “Dr. Tremblay offers historical argument and proposals for integrating humanist philosophy into both our everyday lives and our social institutions. Policymakers and laypersons alike should heed his account of humanist principles, for in them lies a path to greater peace, tolerance, and societal progress.”
—David Koepsell, JD, PhD, former executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism and assistant professor of ethics at the Delft University of Technology

“Rodrigue Tremblay points out in The Code for Global Ethics that we need to abandon selective moralities . . . [and] move to a higher plane in which all members of the human family are treated equally as persons. . . . Dr. Tremblay eloquently defends this form of rational humanism.”
—Paul Kurtz, PhD, founder of the Center for Inquiry

"The principles proposed by Dr. Tremblay are dignity and equality, respect for life, tolerance and openness, sharing, anti exploitation, reason, ecology, peace, democracy and education. -This is a timely book to read."

—Daniel Baril, Canadian anthropologist and author.



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Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay recently talked in depth about

many of the themes developed in his book

The Code for Global Ethics.


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